We equip to secure...

Sarf Guards Limited is a leading supplier of authentic security gadgets and equipment. We ensure that the purchased equipment is properly installed and tested in other to make it effective when needed.

We are professionals in the installation of all kinds of alarm systems, as well as the installation and management of scanners and surveillance cameras (CCTV) for maximum security.

With us, you can sleep with your eyes closed because our surveillance guards are active to keep an eye on major security hotspots in your properties using the mentioned technologies.

• Installation And Management Of CCTV Cameras

Security technologies exist to extend our human capabilities. This is where the role of CCTV cameras comes into play in your overall security architecture. We deploy state-of-the-art cameras that have 360° rotating abilities to cover where your eyes can’t reach in real-time.

Our security guards have been equipped with skills to manage Close Circuit Television (CCTV). We also supply and offer installation services of CCTV cameras. The CCTV helps improve the safety of visitors and staff working on the premises. Upon installations, we also place signs that warn about CCTV monitoring in visible places to deter unauthorised access, theft, vandalism and burglary.

• Procurement & Deployment of Anti-Bomb Detector Machines

Bomb blasts are now prevalent in our society due to the rising terrorist attacks. Organizations, as well as individuals, now require protection from bombs. With our anti-bomb detection machine procurement and deployment service, you have no cause for alarm. We got you covered!

This service is part of our counter-terrorism measures. As a registered private security company, we source the latest anti-bomb detector machines from approved manufacturers. These machines are particularly useful in public places like banks, airports, hotels, and malls.