Security Protection for the high and mighty

We offer escort services to persons of interest and also individuals and corporate bodies who desire to have a quiet but secured entry to events and places. Our escort services also result in the safe delivery of prized assets to expected destinations.

Our escorts are specially equipped with combat skills to disarm perceived attackers and control access to individuals or properties that are being escorted; we ensure that you are not exposed in any way.

• VIP & Protocol Convoy Officer/Drills

Certain dignitaries, such as celebrities, politicians, foreign diplomats, and high-profile business executives require extra protection especially while traveling by road. Our VIP and protocol convoy officers are trained to provide this extra class of protection for the upper-class individuals.

These are the highly intellectual security guards that have been equipped with defensive driving skills and have good knowledge of secured routes for VIP transport. They are usually deployed on special demand due to the elite nature of their duties. They help identify security risks and create realistic safety plans. Our protocol convoy officers also plan a foreign and domestic visits, and special events – helping you to worry less about the security of your convoy and VIPs.