Roving to secure...

Sarf Guards provides the much needed visual presence for your residential and business premises through our patrol service. Random patrols are done to allow for a quick response and easier coordination during emergencies.

Sarf Guards stands tall in the community of private security guards practioners in Nigeria. We are equipped with eco-friendly vans and motorbikes for ease of manoeuvrability at locations with tough terrain

• Hourly Foot Patrol Officers

This service involves the deployment of our security guards on foot to patrol your home, office, or event. They are not static security guards who are stationed in particular locations of your home, office, or event. Our hourly foot patrol officers comb every nook and cranny of your premises at calculated intervals to ensure all properties are protected while on duty.

• Mobile Patrol Guards

These security guards are equipped with a car, van, or motorcycle to patrol your home, office, or event at planned intervals. They are usually deployed in locations with very large land coverage areas that would be too difficult to cover on foot. Mobile patrol guards are very suitable for higher institutions, residential estates, large factories, etc.