We train, we advice, we protect...

We train and retrain individuals with a passion for a safe environment - bridging the gap between the state of insecurity and security. Our men are trained on how to make good use of the non-lethal weapons but with the efficiency that depicts that of a lethal weapon.

Other intellectual skills like human psychology, crowd control techniques, customer relations duties, and security code of conduct are all included in our robust syllabus. We also have a bunch of serving and retired security experts available to impact knowledge and proffer professional solutions to uncommon security challenges.

• Alarm Response & Back-Up Support

When danger beckons and you have nowhere to run or turn to, our alarm response and security backup support services are at your rescue. This is a special arrangement service that enables us to provide you with a real-time security response squad that includes not just our security guards but armed officers who can tackle high combat threats.

This service involves the response to emergencies like fire, robbery or any other accident at a deployed location. We advise individuals at deployed locations of any potential threat and/or initiate evacuation procedures.

We also help to map out best spots for muster/assembly point within premises, the muster point serves as an area where guests, staffs, visitors, at a business site can assemble in case of an emergency.

• Counter Terrorism Training

The rising threats caused by increasing terror attacks in our country call for adequate counter-terrorism training across all spheres of life. It is not only sufficient for the law enforcement and defense officers to be equipped with adequate counter-terrorism knowledge and skills; everyone must now be involved.

We offer this training to corporate organizations, schools, residential estates, hotels, churches, mosques, etc. We impact knowledge on how to prevent forms of terrorism. Our robust security training syllabus accommodates military tactics and intelligence as well as the effective use of anti-bomb detectors, which are taught by serving and retired military officers.